Campaign victory disarms big tobacco’s lobby front in developing countries

Press release: Embargoed until 22nd May 2017, 12.01pm BST Update: see further discussion of this major result at Tax Justice Network. The International Tax and Investment Center (ITIC) has been forced to stop accepting any further tobacco sponsorship For more than two decades, big tobacco companies have used the neutral-sounding ‘International Tax and Investment Center’ […]

Press release: Campaign to expose big tobacco’s lobby front may save millions of lives in lower-income countries

‘International Tax and Investment Center’ (ITIC) forced to withdraw claims of association with World Bank, IMF, tax authorities and major multinationals [London] Today, an unprecedented joint movement of leading international development and public health organisations including the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, Christian Aid and Save the Children, declared a major success in their campaign […]

Big tobacco, little kids: “They got lips? We want them.”

Looking ahead to the upcoming seventh FCTC COP, we came across this striking speech from the sixth COP, by WHO Director-General Margaret Chan. Can’t help but wonder what ITIC are planning this time. Most recently, and in a particularly brazen move, the tobacco industry brought its agenda and it its voice here to the heart […]

Coming soon: A campaign to counter Big Tobacco’s tax lobbying

The evidence is clear that the right tobacco tax policies sharply reduce consumption (and generate significant revenues too). Inevitably, Big Tobacco puts major resources into lobbying against those policies. And every marginal success they have means that more people will die needlessly. The right tobacco tax policies around the world will save millions of lives. The campaign […]